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14 May 2015

What to Look For in a Mosquito Control Company

An experienced pest control team is an excellent option for any homeowner with a mosquito population problem. A trusted company not only has access to the tools needed to safely and efficiently eliminate mosquitoes, they also have the experience necessary... Read More

14 May 2015

How Mosquitoes and Heartworm Disease Can Threaten Your Dog

Everyone knows that mosquitos can be extremely bothersome pests. Fewer people know that mosquitos can also be dangerous. Mosquitos can transmit several diseases and parasites that can be very harmful to humans and dogs. Heartworm is a serious condition that... Read More

14 May 2015

Watch: Do Genetics Attract Mosquitoes?

A person’s genetic makeup might make them a mosquito magnet. Female mosquitos are the only ones that bite, and they need blood to fertilize their eggs. Genetics can make a difference in how attractive a person is to them. Carbon... Read More

14 May 2015

Your Platinum Mosquito Protection FAQ’s, Answered

Platinum Mosquito Protection sells, installs, and services outdoor automatic misting systems. These protect families in South Florida against mosquitos and other biting insects. Our technicians can create an outdoor environment for your home or business that is mosquito-free. The misting... Read More

14 May 2015

A Brief Look at the Founding of Platinum Mosquito Protection

We at Platinum Mosquito Protection have always loved spending time outdoors, much like many families in South Florida. However, mosquitos and other biting insects always made us uncomfortable and drove us indoors. We searched for a solution to this problem... Read More

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