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The warm and humid conditions of Florida make the area a haven for mosquito activity. These pesky insects cause painful bites and increase the risk of disease, making them both a nuisance and a health concern. It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors when you have to worry about mosquitos and other biting insects, but Platinum Mosquito Protection is here to help. We provide commercial and residential mosquito misting system installation in Hollywood, FL. Reclaim your backyard and keep annoying insects at bay with the help of our misting systems. Please contact us today if you would like more information.

We Offer a Variety of Misting Systems

Mosquitos can show up in any outdoor location. Whether it’s your backyard or the patio of your restaurant, mosquitos and other biting or buzzing insects can create a nuisance and make it hard for people and pets to enjoy their time outside. We offer a variety of misting systems to meet the needs of both home and business owners. Our systems are incredibly effective at eliminating the presence of these pests, helping you get more time outdoors without the worry of bug bites. In our many years of service, we’ve shared our solution with hundreds of customers throughout Broward County. We offer the following misting systems:

  • Residential Misting SystemsYou should be able to enjoy your backyard, patio, or deck without worrying about annoying insects. Don’t let mosquitos force you back inside on a beautiful sunny day. Our residential systems strategically release liquid insecticide at timed intervals to help eliminate mosquitos from your outdoor space.
  • Commercial Misting SystemsFlorida is the perfect place for year-round outdoor activities, including outdoor dining. But pesky mosquitos can run away business if customers are repeatedly being bitten or bothered by insects. Our commercial misting systems can be installed in an area, including outdoor dining patios, playgrounds, sports courts, and more. Create a better environment for your customers and guests with our mosquito control systems.
  • Equine Misting SystemsAnimals are just as vulnerable to the harmful effects of mosquitos as humans are, which means they need protection, too. We have specially designed equine systems to help eliminate mosquitos inside your stables and protect your horses from insect bites.

Mosquito Misting System Installation & Maintenance

At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we provide professional installation and maintenance for your mosquito misting systems. We offer customized installation solutions to fit your needs and the unique layout of your outdoor space, ensuring the system fits into your design concepts without being intrusive. In addition, we provide maintenance and repairs to your system should you ever need them. We can even repair systems installed by other companies. When your system gets low on insecticide, we’re available to refill the tank and ensure you always have protection from mosquitos. You can count on us to provide top-notch service when you need it.

How Our Systems Work

Our mosquito misting systems work by regularly spraying your property with mosquito-killing insecticide. While we tailor each system to meet the unique needs of the property, all systems use the same standard format to protect your property. The systems essentially create a mosquito prevention perimeter around your property in Hollywood, FL. Each system uses a system of quality spray nozzles, which are strategically placed around the property and mounted on fence lines, eaves, trees, concrete pillars, or gutters. This system of nozzles is connected to a tank that holds an insecticide solution and will mist the entire area multiple times a day for several seconds each time. This effectively controls mosquito populations around your home or business.

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Florida’s warm weather is one of its best features, but it can also come with its drawbacks, like mosquitos and other insects. We can ensure your outdoor time is not interrupted by pesky mosquitos. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our mosquito misting systems. Our team has nearly two decades of experience in Broward County and can help you create a more comfortable outdoor living space.

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