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Platinum Mosquito is proud to be one of South Florida’s leading mosquito misting companies, serving clients in Coral Gables, FL and beyond. We live and work in the region, so we know how aggravating mosquitos can be in your everyday life. These pests annoy you by flying in or around your face and can cause harm by biting your arms and legs in search of their next meal. For almost 15 years, we have been helping homeowners and business owners keep these bugs off of their property and away from their guests. Let us do the same for you. Call us today to learn about our extensive mosquito control services.

Comprehensive Mosquito Control Services in Coral Gables

Seemingly everyone in the Sunshine State has his or her own mosquito repellent concoction or home remedy. Most of them fail to protect you, and almost all of them lose their effectiveness before long. Do not rely on gimmicks to protect you from these harmful insects. Platinum Mosquito uses proven strategies and systems to keep your home or business mosquito-free throughout the year. Our comprehensive mosquito control services include:

  • Home Misting Systems: A whiffle ball game in the backyard followed by dinner prepared on the grill makes for a great afternoon. But without an automatic mosquito misting system for your yard and house in Coral Gables, FL, mosquitos could put an end to your day of family fun. We will customize your system to ensure complete coverage of your property without infringing upon its aesthetic appeal.
  • Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems: Many activity centers encourage outdoor fun throughout the spring, summer, and fall, if not parts of the winter as well. But mosquitos on your property can discourage customers and guests from visiting the facility. Platinum Mosquito’s commercial mosquito spray systems can ensure such a problem will not concern you. We will keep mosquitos away without exposing your clients to any harsh chemicals.
  • Equine Misting Systems: Your animals deserve the same relief from mosquitos, ticks, and flies that you enjoy. To guarantee they have it, we offer automatic horse mosquito misting systems to customers with stables, coops, and kennels on their Miami-Dade County properties. Let our systems’ timed releases keep your pets calm and comfortable.
  • System Installation: To many, our mosquito misting systems may seem complex. But our professionals can install them quickly and efficiently at your home or office. Our solutions comprise a reservoir drum, motor, pump, and a network of spray nozzles that we will position strategically around your property for complete coverage. The liquid insecticide we use blends a natural and synthetic form of pyrethrum to eliminate any mosquitos for good.
  • System Maintenance: Every system is unique, but they are all easy to operate. For the most part, you are completely hands-off. But there may be times when minor repairs are necessary. If that is the case – or if you simply need a tank refill – Platinum Mosquito will visit you in Coral Gables, FL to perform system maintenance.

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What attracts you to the Sunshine State also attracts mosquitos and other annoying insects. But you do not have to welcome them on your commercial or residential property. Platinum Mosquito uses proven mosquito control methods to keep your home or business free of the pests so that your family or customers can enjoy the sunshine. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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