Equine Misting Systems

Keep Your Animals Comfortable

Country living comes with certain challenges. A day of horseback riding through the woods exposes you to ticks, while barns can be breeding grounds for mosquitos and flies. Whether you’re an animal breeder with kennels, stables, or coops on your property, a veterinary clinic, or an equine facility manager, Platinum Mosquito Protection provides equine mosquito misting systems for the year-round comfort of the animals in your care. We use quality products manufactured by Pyranha, Inc., one of the horse industry’s trusted leaders in reliable, effective, and economical mosquito and insect control for your continued protection and peace of mind.

Less Exposure to Flies, Fleas, Mosquitos, and Other Insects

Our equine mosquito misting systems are automatically timed, so you can set it and then forget about it. Once your system has been professionally installed, you can just let it run. We’ll provide routine system maintenance services to ensure your misting system’s tank is refilled and that your system’s running flawlessly. Finally, you and your animals can relax without pesky flies, fleas, mosquitos, gnats, wasps, spiders, no-see-ums, and other biting insects disturbing your comfort and tranquility.  Our timed misting systems use a blend of natural pyrethrum and a synthetic form of pyrethrum called permethrin to kill and repel a variety of annoying insects without exposing your animals to harsh chemicals.

Consultations in Wellington, Southwest Ranches, and Throughout South Florida

Because no two outdoor areas in South Florida are identical, Platinum Mosquito Protection prefers to meet with our clients on-site when providing consultations and estimates. If you’re interested in learning more about our equine mosquito misting systems in Wellington, Southwest Ranches and throughout south Florida, please give us a call today. We’d welcome the opportunity to examine your barn, stable, or kennel to determine the best mosquito control for your animals’ needs.

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