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Property owners throughout South Florida trust Platinum Mosquito Protection to keep their homes, businesses, and animal facilities free of mosquitos and other pests. We understand insects can be more than a nuisance. Mosquitos can also carry diseases and pass them onto the humans and animals they feed from. The pain, itching, and burning from insect bites and wasp stings can ruin the outdoors for families and staff, so we supply Coral Springs, FL residents with outstanding mosquito misting systems. For over 15 years, we’ve served customers by ridding their properties of flying and crawling menaces to make their outdoor spaces comfortable. We’ll do the same for you. The misting systems are highly effective, and we install them to blend in with the surrounding environment discreetly. Your family and guests get all the perks of an insect-free space without unsightly system components, causing an eyesore. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with mosquito control.

Mosquito Control for Homes, Businesses, & Horses

Instead of trying to eradicate outdoor pests with home remedies and ineffective store-bought gimmicks, Platinum Mosquito Protection can outfit our property with an automatic mosquito misting system. Our mosquito control systems efficiently rid your backyard, courtyard, horse barn, and any other exterior space of pesky mosquitos and insects year-round. We install our systems in various locations, including homes, businesses, and facilities for horses and other animals. Reach out to us for any of the following areas:

    • Home Misting Systems – Everyone should be able to enjoy quality time at home with the family. Mosquitos shouldn’t ruin a backyard barbecue or game of catch. Your family and guests can stay comfortable and bite-free with an automatic mosquito misting system installed in your front yard and backyard. We can customize your misting system, so that it doesn’t disturb your home’s aesthetic appeal while effectively eliminating mosquitos and other flying pests. With year-round coverage to keep away insects, your personal time in the outdoors is worry-free.
    • Commercial Mosquito Spray Systems – Your visitors and customers come to your outdoor commercial space expecting a pleasant experience, but mosquitos and other insects can ruin their patronage. Outdoor fun is attainable without itchy bites and intrusive pests when we install a commercial mosquito spray system on your property. Our misting systems rid your outdoor spaces of bugs without exposing your guests to hazardous chemicals. We can also make sure the system isn’t a glaring eyesore that distracts customers from your property’s aesthetic.
  • Horse Mosquito Misting Systems – Animals are living, breathing creatures that deserve protection from pesky, disease-carrying mosquitos and insects, just like humans. Keep your horses and other animals safe from biting and general irritation with a horse mosquito misting system installed by our professional team. Our misting system provides ideal protection in stables, coops, and kennels where animals spend their time. Your pets stay calm and comfortable as the automatic misting system runs timed releases and uses chemicals that are safe for animals to be around.
  • System Installation and Maintenance – Installing a mosquito misting system might seem complex and time-consuming, but our professional team handles installations quickly and efficiently to protect your property. We work with customers at their homes and businesses, and the system uses a liquid insecticide comprised of natural and synthetic pyrethrum. The system itself includes a motor, reservoir drum, pump, and spray nozzles that we strategically place around your property. You can easily operate one of our misting systems, but they do need periodic attention. From tank refills to minor repairs, our team offers system maintenance to keep your property free of mosquitos and other insects.

Call Platinum Mosquito Protection for a Misting System

There’s no need to endure the incessant buzzing and itchy bites of mosquitos and insects in the Sunshine State. With a mosquito misting system from Platinum Mosquito Protection, you can enjoy the outdoors year-round without these flying nuisances. Contact us today to speak with a team member about installing a misting system at your home or business, and we’ll give you a free consultation.

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