Mosquito Misting Systems Installation

South Florida Installation for your Home

If you’re ready to enjoy a reduced or mosquito-free yard, count on Platinum Mosquito Protection for your mosquito misting system installation and maintenance needs in South Florida. Our mosquito control system is comprised of a 55-gallon drum, pump, motor, and pressure gauge connected to a network of spray nozzles installed strategically around your residential or commercial property.

Using an automated timer, our system releases a liquid insecticide solution with a blend of natural pyrethrum and a synthetic form of pyrethrum called permethrin that kills and repels mosquitos and other annoying insects. Our system is hassle-free and very simple to operate, requiring little intervention from the owner. On the day of your installation, we’ll program the automatic timer and show you how to operate it. When the timer goes off, the system releases a brief, fine mist through the installed spray nozzles. That mist is all you need to control mosquitos and other buzzing, biting insects!

The Benefits of Installing a Mosquito Misting System

Benefits of installing a mosquito misting system on your residential or commercial property in South Florida include:

  • Fully Customized – Our misting systems are always customized to meet the needs of every client and their property. As such, we provide free on-site consultations.
  • Hassle-Free – Because our misting system is fully automated on a timer, you can enjoy the great outdoors without ever having to lift a finger. You can rely on our regular maintenance for system tank refills and to ensure everything’s running smoothly.
  • Environmentally Friendly – We use products that contain pyrethrum or permethrin, or a blend of both, and we also have products with different actives that can be used when needed. For customers who prefer “green” products, we also offer minimum-risk pesticides.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee – We’re so confident that our misting system will change the way you enjoy the outdoors that we offer a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee with each new system purchase. No questions asked – just work with us to troubleshoot your concerns and allow us to make any necessary modifications.

Request a Free Estimate on Misting System Installations

Our automatic misting systems are ideal for eliminating or repelling mosquitos, flies, gnats, wasps, ticks, fleas, spiders, and other unwanted insects. After carefully examining your property during your free on-site consultation, we’ll help you determine when these insects are likely to be the most active and where they’re most likely to breed. To learn more about how Platinum Mosquito Protection’s misting systems work or to learn more about our installation process, we encourage you to contact us via phone or email.

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