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A Prime Solution for Mosquitoes

Platinum Mosquito Protection is proud of the home and commercial mosquito misting systems we sell, install, and maintain in South Florida. Our automatic misting systems blend into your property to discreetly and effectively repel mosquitos, flies, no-see-ums, and other biting, buzzing insects. Residents and businesses throughout DadeBroward, and Palm Beach Counties get premium protection from itchy bites and pesky fly-by insects that plague the outdoor spaces. We have images of properties where we’ve installed misting systems, from residential sites to regional parks to horse stables. Every installation we perform takes the property’s aesthetics into account so that family, visitors, and employees can enjoy a pest-free outdoor environment from a system that doesn’t stand out. You won’t have to worry about your new automatic mosquito misting system stealing attention from your garden beds and other exterior features. Check out some of our previous jobs and see if you can spot the system.


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Residential & Commercial Misting Systems

Home mosquito misting systems are an excellent way to tame the backyard year-round for prime leisure space. We discreetly install them to keep away pesky winged nuisances that leave irritating bite marks on your skin. With mosquitoes and other insects out of the way, you can comfortably spend your free time building memories with your family. Add a misting system anywhere you want an insect-free area, including balconies, patios, front entryways, gazebos, courtyards, walkways, and many other places. Businesses also benefit from investing in commercial mosquito misting systems for their properties. If your employees spend a great deal of their time outdoors, having an effective mosquito control system removes the distraction of swatting at intrusive insects and lets them concentrate on their duties. Controlling the local bug population also makes your outdoor areas more inviting to customers and visitors. We install these misting systems at a variety of commercial properties, including concession areas, tennis courts, restaurants, resorts, playgrounds, and country clubs.

Equine Misting Systems for Your Animals

If you own or ride horses, you already know the trouble mosquitoes and other insects can cause while you’re on the trail or at the stables. Barns can act as breeding grounds for these flying nuisances, where they bite horses and humans alike. Kennels, veterinary clinics, and coops attract insects, as well, which exposes animals of all types to itchy, red bumps and potential diseases. Your stable will be a lot more comfortable with an automatic horse mosquito misting system, and all other animal facilities can enjoy the bug-free benefits when Platinum Mosquito Protection visits and installs a discreet misting system. Our company uses products manufactured by Pyranha, Inc., which is one of the most trusted leaders in the horse industry for effective, reliable, and economical mosquito control and insect suppression. You can enjoy the comfort and peace of mind knowing that you and your animals are protected from a wide variety of pests.

Expert Installation & Maintenance Services

Once we install your new automatic mosquito misting system, you’ll enjoy the ease of operation as your property stays free of troublesome insects like mosquitoes and flies. Our systems use an automated timer to release a liquid insecticide solution, and they’re simple to operate and hassle-free. On the day we install your misting system, we’ll program the automatic timer and show you how to operate it. The system releases a fine mist through the spray nozzles whenever the timer goes off, which effectively gets rid of your winged backyard menaces. Besides offering a fully customized system with hassle-free operation, it’s also environmentally friendly. The products we use for insecticides contain pyrethrum and/or permethrin, as well as other actives we can use when needed. If you prefer to use a green product, we also offer customers the option of minimum-risk pesticides. Regular maintenance is also essential to make sure your system functions reliably. Platinum Mosquito Protection has your maintenance needs covered with services like tank refills and repairs.

Get in Touch with Platinum Mosquito Protection

Don’t spend another year in misery with swarms of mosquitoes and other insects plaguing your backyard, courtyard, tennis court, and other outdoor spaces. Let the experts at Platinum Mosquito Protection discreetly install and maintain a mosquito misting system at your home, commercial property, or animal facilities. We’re available to visit you in Dade CountyBroward County, and Palm Beach County, FL, to discuss the systems we offer and how they effectively ward off flying pests while they blend in with their surroundings. Give us a call today to get started on your purchase and installation of a new, automatic mosquito misting system for your health and comfort.

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