Commercial Misting Systems

Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems for South Florida Businesses

Many South Florida businesses rely upon outdoor dining, entertainment, and activities for their livelihood. While you certainly can’t predict or control the weather, you can take measures to help prevent mosquitos and other buzzing, biting insects from ruining your patrons’ overall experience. Additionally, if your employees are required to spend the majority of their time outdoors, your business may need to invest in effective mosquito control for their health and safety. Platinum Mosquito Protection’s commercial mosquito misting systems have been installed in many Broward and Miami-Dade County restaurants, country clubs, resorts, tennis courts, concession areas, playgrounds, and even community swimming pools. Don’t let mosquitos take a bite out of your profits!

Professionally Installed and Maintained for Your Convenience

Our automatic mosquito misting systems are virtually invisible, blend beautifully with your business’ natural landscaping and are professionally installed and maintained for your ongoing peace of mind. Our timed misting systems rely on natural pyrethrum to kill and repel a variety of annoying insects without the risk of exposing your customers or employees to harsh chemicals. All-natural repellants can also be used with our misting systems. If your business is especially devoted to doing whatever it takes to reduce its carbon footprint (as we all should be), you’ll be happy to know that natural mosquito repellants are also better for the environment.

We install our commercial misting systems anywhere that mosquitos and other insects are most likely to breed, i.e., underneath eaves and overhangs, within trees and garden areas, and along fencing. Thanks to our knowledgeable staff and hassle-free mosquito control approach, you can just set your misting system and then forget about it while you focus your attention on running your operation.

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When you call Platinum Mosquito Protection, you can rest assured we’ll install everything for you and provide routine maintenance to ensure that your commercial mosquito misting system’s tank stays full and your patrons and employees remain comfortable year-round. To learn more about our commercial mosquito misting systems and how they can uniquely benefit your business, please contact us today to request a free on-site consultation and estimate. Protect what matters most!

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