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Platinum Mosquito Keeps Florida Properties Mosquito-Free

Effective mosquito control is necessary during much of the year in Palm Beach, FL, and there is not a more dependable provider of mosquito control solutions than Platinum Mosquito. We have been serving customers throughout the Sunshine State for almost two decades, with our roots dating back to a backyard Mother’s Day gathering in the spring of 2002. At that get-together, our team noticed how well a mosquito misting system worked to keep flying insects away from our food and bodies. Since then, we have been committed to sharing the solution with our neighbors in South Florida. Call us today to learn how an automatic mosquito misting system can benefit your home or business.

We Provide Wide-Ranging Mosquito Control Services

  • Instead of opting for homemade remedies to try to keep your environment void of mosquitos, rely on Platinum Mosquito’s proven techniques. Homeowners and business owners throughout Palm Beach County trust our results. Our list of services includes:

    • Home Misting Systems: Platinum Mosquito’s automatic home misting systems are ideal for homeowners who enjoy spending time basking in the Florida sun. You never want to step onto your patio or lay down at the pool only to be greeted by a half dozen pesky insects flying about your person. Our residential systems feature nozzles that we will install discreetly along fencing, within landscaping, and under overhangs to avoid any eyesores in your yard.
    • Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems: Community playgrounds, tennis courts, and restaurants are much more enjoyable without the presence of mosquitos. We aim to maintain such an atmosphere with commercial mosquito spray systems that will keep all visitors safe and out of harm’s way. Invest in your customers’ overall experience by keeping mosquitos off your commercial property.
  • Equine Misting Systems: Barns can be breeding grounds for mosquitos, flies, and other annoying insects. Just as these pests irritate you, they can irritate your equine friends. Our automatic horse mosquito misting systems use high-quality products from industry-leading manufacturer Pyranha, Inc. to protect your animals and provide you peace of mind.
  • System Installation: Our effective mosquito control systems work best following professional installation services from the experts at Platinum Mosquito. Each solution comprises a reservoir drum, pump, motor, and system of interconnected spray nozzles that we will place strategically throughout your property. A liquid insecticide blend of natural and synthetic pyrethrum will eliminate mosquitos near your home or business without harming you or your landscaping.
  • System Maintenance: Platinum Mosquito’s customers love our automatic mosquito misting systems because they require little to no work. The timed release of insecticide keeps homes and businesses mosquito-free around the clock. But you will need maintenance services from time to time. Typically, these will merely be to refill your tank. But if any repairs are necessary, you can count on our team to perform them.

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Palm Beach has many highlights, but mosquitos are not among them. Such pests will invade your personal space and put a damper on your fun in the sun. However, Platinum Mosquito can put an end to that. Our mosquito misting systems can ensure your home or business is not affected by their presence. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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