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Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems in Parkland, FL

Platinum Mosquito Provides Mosquito Control Solutions

Business owners in Parkland, FL have grown to rely on effective commercial mosquito misting systems from Platinum Mosquito. For nearly 15 years, we have been specializing in mosquito control systems while maintaining a commitment to exceptional customer service. We recognize how much of a nuisance mosquitos and other flying insects can be when you are trying to enjoy a cold drink on the porch of your favorite watering hole or while relaxing on your patio at home. If you need help ridding your environment of these pests, call to schedule an appointment with our flexible staff.

We Provide Several Mosquito Misting Systems and Services

  • Platinum Mosquito’s beginnings were at a backyard gathering in South Florida during the spring of 2002. Our team noticed how pleasant the outdoor get-together was as a result of a mosquito misting system that kept the bugs at bay, so we decided to share the approach with our neighbors in the Sunshine State. Customers in Parkland, FL and throughout Broward County can receive the following services:

    • Home Misting Systems: When the summer sun is high in the sky and you are trying to enjoy a fun-filled day at your backyard pool, mosquitos are among the last beings you would consider inviting to the party. They are drawn to the warm, moist environment and will annoy you all afternoon. Our automatic mosquito misting systems will keep them away from your oasis so that you can enjoy your time outside.
    • Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems: If you own a bar or restaurant in South Florida, you no doubt want your patrons to be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Happy customers will stay longer and tip your staff better. To help ensure they stay for dessert or one extra drink, let us install a commercial mosquito spray system on your property that will allow them to eat and drink in peace.
  • Equine Systems: Stable owners, veterinary clinics, and equine facilities rely on Platinum Mosquito for automatic horse mosquito misting systems that keep their thoroughbreds comfortable despite swarming mosquito populations. Horses deserve the same relief from aggravating insects that people receive, so invest in a system for your property.
  • System Installation: Our mosquito misting systems feature an abundance of spray nozzles that operate on an automatic timer to release liquid insecticide made from a pyrethrum blend to protect your property. By allowing our technicians to perform your system’s installation, you guarantee that each nozzle is effective and discreet.
  • System Maintenance: Following installation, our mosquito control systems require very little intervention on your part. All of their elements work in concert with each other to keep your property free of mosquitos without introducing harsh chemicals to your family or landscaping. But, you will need refills and you may need minor repairs from time to time. When that happens, call Platinum Mosquito for a maintenance appointment.

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Mosquitos are never invited to the picnic, but they may try to show up anyway. However, the automatic mosquito misting systems from Platinum Mosquito can ensure any unwanted guests never make it to the gathering. Our reputable team of experts can install mosquito control solutions quickly and within your budget, so contact us in Parkland, FL today to schedule a free consultation.

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