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Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Platinum Mosquito Can Protect Your Property from Mosquitos

By providing commercial mosquito misting systems and various other products, Platinum Mosquito allows you to reclaim your backyard® in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Every summer, mosquitos flock to South Florida to terrorize homeowners and local business patrons. They are nuisances when they fly around your face, irritants when they bite your arms, and potential disease carriers. But our team of professionals can help protect you from their wrath using discreet, effective mosquito control systems in Fort Lauderdale. Call today to learn about our various specialties.

Our Mosquito Misting Company’s Capabilities

  • For nearly 15 years, we have been supplying mosquito misting systems to homeowners and business owners in Fort Lauderdale, FL and throughout Broward County. We began after we noticed positive results from the system during a backyard gathering in 2002. Because we are so sure you will also achieve desirable outcomes using our methods, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee with all our systems, which include:
  • Home Misting Systems: Not much is better than relaxing poolside or serving as a grill master in your backyard. But pesky mosquitos can put a damper on any day of fun in the sun. Our home misting systems will help ensure you never have to worry about these flying invaders when you are hosting friends and family. We will install the systems discreetly so that they go unnoticed while still protecting you and your loved ones.
  • Commercial Mosquito Misting Systems: We also provide automatic mosquito misting systems for businesses in Fort Lauderdale. One of the allures of a restaurant in South Florida is the ability to sit outside while you enjoy a cold drink or delicious meal. To maintain your patrons’ health and happiness when they visit your establishment, we will install commercial misting systems that blend into your business’s existing features.
  • Equine Misting Systems: Mosquitos are not just annoying to people. They can bother horses and other animals on your property. Platinum Mosquito provides automatic horse mosquito misting systems to protect these four-legged friends without disrupting their habitat. We use high-quality products created by Pyranha, Inc., one of the horse industry’s most reliable brands for mosquito control.

We Also Perform Relevant Services for Our Products

A product is no good without the support of expert technicians and installers. We perform residential and commercial mosquito spray system installation services all over Fort Lauderdale. Our services involve the strategic placement of spray nozzles connected to a complex system of pumps, motors, and liquid insecticide to guarantee your safety while also keeping mosquitos away. If any element of your system ever needs repairs or your tank needs a refill, we will visit your home or business to perform all necessary maintenance.

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The summer fun can quickly dissipate when mosquitos overrun your backyard. A swarm of them could ruin your outdoor gathering. But Platinum Mosquito is here to help Fort Lauderdale residents who need relief from the flying insects. We have automatic mosquito misting systems for homes, commercial properties, animal stables, and more. To protect your family, customers, and pets, contact us today for a free consultation.

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