Your Platinum Mosquito Protection FAQ’s, Answered

Platinum Mosquito Protection sells, installs, and services outdoor automatic misting systems. These protect families in South Florida against mosquitos and other biting insects. Our technicians can create an outdoor environment for your home or business that is mosquito-free. The misting system is virtually invisible and can be professionally installed in almost any area of your property—from balconies and tennis courts to gazebos and garages. Here are a few FAQs about our services, along with the answers.

How Does the Misting System Work?
The mosquito control misting system operates on an automatic timer. Our technicians can show you how to operate the timer upon installation. We will also program the initial settings for you. You can change the settings on the timer yourself at any time. Each system has a 24-hour timer, remote control, and run duration selector. The timer triggers the system to release a fine mist through spray nozzles that we install on your property. These brief releases will occur at intervals that you choose. Misting is all you need to control any biting insects in the designated area. The mist will repel and kill mosquitos, no-see-ums, fleas, flies, gnats, ticks, spiders, and wasps.

Is It Similar to Propane Machines?
Our misting systems are unlike the propane-based machines used to kill bugs. Propane machines release carbon dioxide to attract bugs, capture, and kill them. Our automatic spray systems don’t attract bugs to your area. They repel and kill them. Propane machines also require a lot of maintenance and owner intervention. Our spray systems perform on a timer, without need of assistance.

What Types of Insecticides Are Used?
We use insecticides that are based on natural pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is one of the fastest acting and safest insecticides there is. It is water soluble, biodegradable, and doesn’t leave oily buildup. When you need your tank refilled with insecticide, we will do it for you. Call us, and we will send a service technician to you to refill the tank and check that your system is functioning properly.

Platinum Mosquito Protection serves Miami, Weston, Pinecrest, Boca Raton, and Coral Gables. We can install a misting system in your backyard or at your business to ensure peace of mind and comfort. Call us at (954) 888-9311 to schedule a consultation today.

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