Platinum Mosquito Protection Presents- Mosquito Control: The History and Evolution of the Mosquito

Summertime is a wonderful time of the year. It ushers in the months of barbeques, pool parties, and family vacations. Unfortunately, it also ushers in the inevitable invasion of mosquitos. Mosquitos are amongst the most annoying pests, but where did they come from and what can be done to get rid of them?

  • Mosquitos 101
    It is often surprising to hear that there are roughly 3,500 species of mosquitos in the world. The females from some of these species feed on humans, making them a common denominator in a number of diseases worldwide. They are a fairly short-lived insect who experience their entire life cycle in about 8 to 10 weeks.
  • Mosquito Control
    While mosquito control on a local level is a good idea, many scientists believe that eradicating them altogether would have disastrous consequences on the ecosystem. With 3,500 species worldwide, many of them serve a vital role in the predator-prey system. One species of mosquitos even eats other mosquitos while being totally disinterested in humans.
  • What Can Be Done?
    While traditional methods of mosquito control can be effective, mosquito misting systems are becoming more popular. Releasing timed bursts of a natural insecticide, such as Pyrethrum, mosquito misting systems repel and kill mosquitos naturally, leaving your backyard available for summertime entertaining.

With so many different varieties, mosquitos can be quite interesting. However, they are also quite annoying and can derail any outdoor event, such as a barbeque in the backyard. For more information about mosquito control in Boca Raton, check out Platinum Mosquito Protection online, or contact us at (954) 888-9311. Platinum Mosquito Protection is a leader in natural mosquito control. Our mosquito misting systems are virtually invisible and use an all-natural insecticide, making them perfect for homes in the Florida community.

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