How Platinum Mosquito Protection Can Help You Enjoy Your Backyard Celebration

Summer is a time of relaxation and celebration. Unfortunately, mosquitos are always trying to turn us into the main course at our own outdoor events. If you’d like to enjoy the company of friends and family in peace, you may need to invest in a high-quality mosquito control system. Here’s a brief look at how Platinum Mosquito Protection can help make your backyard celebrations less itchy and more enjoyable.

Effective insecticide
Our mosquito control misting systems use a natural chemical known as pyrethrum, which is derived from a species of Chrysanthemum and kills mosquitos on contact. Since dead mosquitos can’t bite, this allows for a much more pleasant backyard celebration. Mosquitos are also known to carry diseases—killing them as quickly as possible is a great way to ensure that you and your guests stay healthy.

Mosquito repellant
Though pyrethrum is an excellent insecticide by itself, our misting system goes a little further. We also incorporate the synthetic chemical permethrin, which acts as a mosquito repellant. Of course, not all mosquitos are easily dissuaded—that’s why we include pyrethrum to eliminate any mosquitos that fly through the wall of repellent.

Harmless misting
Since permethrin and pyrethrum are deadly to mosquitos, you might think that they could be harmful to humans, too. On the contrary, both chemicals have little to no effect on mammals—so you, your guests, and your pets will be safe. Our misting systems can be adjusted to spray insecticides at the intervals of your choosing. If you find that mosquitos aren’t bothering your guests as much, you can always turn your misting system to a lower setting.

If you’re tired of mosquitos ruining your summer cookouts, contact Platinum Mosquito Protection. We’re happy to provide mosquito control solutions to home and business owners throughout Boca Raton, Weston, Pinecrest, and beyond. Call us today at (954) 888-9311, and get one step closer to having a mosquito-free property.

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