Did You Learn From Our Recent Articles? Then Check Out These Pest Control Resources!

Would you like to learn more about our recent blog posts, which have focused on the health hazards mosquitoes pose to horses and highlighted the irritating insects that are prevalent throughout South Florida? To discover additional information on either of these topics, read through the following resources. If you would like to have a cost-effective and highly reliable mosquito misting system installed on your Miami, Boca Raton or Coral Gables property, call Platinum Mosquito Protection at (954) 888-9311!

  • This University of Florida IFAS Extension article discusses the dangers that mosquitos pose to Florida’s equine population and offers advice for protecting your horses from mosquitos.
  • Check out this information from Purdue University’s Department of Entomology to learn about the life cycle of biting midges, as well as management and prevention tips that you may find helpful.
  • Read this abstract from a National Institutes of Health publication to read about West Nile virus and Florida’s equine population.
  • Learn about some of the more dangerous spider species that can be found in Florida and throughout the United States at PestWorld.org.
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