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The Ultimate Guide to Battling Mosquitos

How they’re a danger – and why use a mosquito misting system We understand if the mosquitos that come with the summer season can leave you feeling a bit, well, watch … As entertaining as that is and as much as we all joke about the inconvenience that these pests cause us, we need to […]

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Pro Tips to Enjoy Late Summer Nights in Your Backyard

Fire pits, impromptu camp outs, and other great ways to close out the season Ah, summer. The sun is out late, the weather is warm, and it is officially time for fun. In fact, summer is the perfect part of the year to spend the majority of your evenings outside, exploring and enjoying all that […]

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4 Unexpected Backyard Party Themes for Your Big Event

Sometimes here in South Florida, it seems like a lot of parties and events share similar themes: often something tropical with Caribbean-style foods. And we get it: it’s the perfect setting for a bright and beautiful tropical-themed party. But it’s time to get a little extra creative, friends! Here are some truly unexpected backyard party […]

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Great Outdoor Exercises (You Can Do Even in the Summer Sun!)

Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you should neglect your fitness routine We get it. It gets pretty hot here in South Florida. (And by pretty hot, we mean extremely unbearable and unreasonably uncomfortable). Because the sun just loves glaring down on us throughout the summer, heating up our backyards, the roads, and the […]

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