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Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Private Oasis

3 ways to transform your backyard into a personal retreat If you live in a home and are fortunate enough not to be restricted to a few square feet of balcony space, then you have a wonderful opportunity to turn your backyard into your own private oasis. A luscious outdoor space can be truly life […]

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Mosquito-Borne Diseases and What to Do About Them

Mosquito bites can be more dangerous than you think. Many might not be aware that mosquitos can leave more than an irritating bite. There are several diseases that humans are at risk of contracting from mosquitos, the most common ones found specifically in Florida include: West Nile virus (WNV) Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) St. Louis […]

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Why Do Mosquitos Bite Me More Than Other People?

You may be sweeter than other people, but that’s definitely not why. We all have that friend that claims to be a “mosquito magnet.” While a group of people can be standing in the same spot, there’s always that one person who is literally itching to go inside, while the rest of the group is […]

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Top 4 Picks for your 2015 Summer Reading List

If you can’t judge a book by its cover, how can you find a good summer read? When I picture my perfect summer activity, my mind jumps immediately to myself lazily sprawled out on a hammock in my backyard. I have lemonade in one hand and a new book in the other. What’s missing from […]

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7 Tips for the Perfect Backyard BBQ

Our favorite summer pastime is back – make sure you’re fully equipped Summer is in full force and there’s only one thing that comes to mind – backyard BBQs. But before you invite your neighborhood and 30 closest friends there are a few tips to remember to make sure your next BBQ is a success […]

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8 Facts about How Often Mosquitos Repopulate

Move Over Jurassic World – Mosquitos Are Reproducing As We Speak As summer approaches, we all look forward to taking advantage of the great outdoors. Whether it be a cocktail party on the patio with cool refreshments, or tending to a lovely flower or vegetable garden, this time of year offers fresh air, sunshine, and […]

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Top 5 Backyard Must Haves for Summer 2015

You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with these summer must haves. School is out and summer has begun! Which means your backyard’s going to be a busy place. Make it the spot where everyone wants to gather with these top 5 backyard must haves for summer 2015: 1. S’mores anyone? Nothing says summer like […]

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8 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Before the summer fun begins, do your “homework!” Summer is here! That means no school, backyard BBQs and hopefully a summer vacation. But since summer brings more than beach days and popsicles, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the heat, the rain and all that comes with it. Here are some […]

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5 Must Haves for a Great Backyard Campout

Be prepared for a perfect night out camping with all the necessities! Why drive for hours to go camping when you can have the outdoor experience right in your backyard? Camping out in your backyard is convenient and if planned properly, will be the same experience as if you were miles away. For any great […]

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