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The Great Outdoors … Kind of

The Great Outdoors ... Kind of on

Check out these tips for some enjoyable backyard camping Camping is something that everybody should do at least once. It’s a way to get out of your comfort zone a little bit, and it gives you the chance to get up close and personal with nature. And when you camp with your family, this provides […]

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The New Mosquito Coast?

The New Mosquito Coast? on

We get a lot of tourists in Florida, but some just aren’t very welcome People who live in Florida know how great it is. The weather, the cost of living, the food; the list goes on and on. And residents aren’t the only ones who love Florida. The Sunshine State is always high on the […]

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Bug Hunt – Learn Where Mosquitos Lurk

Bug Hunt – Learn Where Mosquitos Lurk on

It’s great if it’s cool and shady. Add at least an inch of water and it’s perfect. Mosquitos—though only the females—want your blood so they can use it for their offspring. Other than that, they tend to be a whole lot like you and me. Get me out of the harsh sun and brisk wind, […]

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