Why Mosquito Bites Itch

One of the reasons mosquitos are so annoying is that when they bite you, it itches for days. The cause of this itching is often misunderstood and misattributed, however. Knowing why mosquito bites itch is one step in preventing mosquito bites and is a key aspect of total mosquito control.

  • The Mosquito
    First, it is important to remember that only female mosquitos actually feed on human blood. Also, when they do feed, it is much closer to a syringe piercing skin than to a bite. Using their proboscis, which is a part of the mouth that is essentially a long drinking straw, they pierce the skin and extract blood.
  • The Itch
    The itch, believe it or not, is not caused by the mosquito’s stinger or the proboscis. It is actually caused by their saliva. Mosquito saliva contains an anti-coagulant that prevents the blood from clotting during feeding. This saliva causes an allergic reaction, resulting in redness and itching.
  • Mosquito Control
    Itchy mosquito bites are a result of female mosquitos feeding, and this knowledge will allow you take proactive mosquito control measures. The addition of a mosquito misting system outside your home will lower the incidence of mosquitos and is an excellent mosquito control system. Additionally, using mosquito spray when you are away from your home will help keep the annoying pests at bay when you are at home.

Mosquitos may be annoying, but the itchy and red bites they leave behind are worse. Mosquito control requires taking proactive measures. For more information about mosquito control measures, contact us today at (954) 888-9311. Platinum Mosquito Protection is a full-service pest and mosquito control provider for Boca Raton, Coral Gables, and beyond. We specialize in mosquito misting systems for your home that will keep mosquitos from ruining your summer. Contact us today to make mosquitos a thing of the past!

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