Why Candles Won’t Cut It When It Comes to Mosquito Protection

Mosquitos can drive you indoors on beautiful summer days, so it’s no surprise that most people are willing to try anything when it comes to controlling these pesky insects. One popular mosquito control method is burning citronella candles to keep mosquitos at bay. Although these candles can be minimally effective, they’re not enough to really keep mosquitos out of your yard. Here are some reasons why candles won’t help you beat your mosquito problem:

Limited Reach
Citronella candles can only reach a very limited area. Once you move away from the area directly around the candle, the mosquitos will be out in full force. This may be fine if you plan to sit around a table with the candle in the center. However, if you want to move around your outdoor space at all, you will not get effective protection.

Varying Directions
If the wind is blowing too hard, or if the wind is coming from the wrong direction, the benefits from a candle will be eliminated. Candles are most effective in downwind areas, but even a strong downwind breeze will blow away the repellant before it reaches any mosquitos, which means the candle is useless. Candles work best in semi-enclosed areas with some protection from the wind.

Repellant Only
At best, candles can only repel mosquitos. Blow out the flame, and the mosquitos return. It’s not practical to light a candle every time you step outdoors, so the mosquitos will continue to be a problem. An insecticide, on the other hand, kills mosquitos and provides effective relief from your insect problem.

The mosquito misting system from Platinum Mosquito Protection kills mosquitos on contact to give you better results. Our insecticide, Pyrethrum, is made from chrysanthemums and is safe for your family and pets. Call us today at (954) 888-9311 to learn more about mosquito misting systems.

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