Understanding Why You May Be a Mosquito Magnet

If you’ve been outdoors and noticed mosquitos targeting you instead of those around you, it might be because you are a mosquito magnet. It’s true – mosquitos prefer to bite some people over others. Female mosquitos need human blood to develop fertile eggs, and experts have found that they have preferences when it comes to choosing a host. 

Your Skin Is Alluring
Researchers aren’t sure of all the reasons why certain people are more attractive to mosquitos. However, they have discovered that mosquitos are drawn to the compounds and odors that some people release. With over 400 different compounds in existence, researchers have just begun to scratch the surface of this research. There are certain elements of body chemistry that, when found on the skin’s surface, can strongly attract mosquitos. People who have high concentrations of cholesterol or steroids on the surface of their skin are especially attractive. A person might have excess cholesterol on their skin if they are efficient at processing it. People who overproduce certain acids, such as uric acid, are also mosquito targets.

You Smell Tasty
Substances on the skin’s surface trigger mosquitos’ sense of smell. Mosquitos can smell their target from up to 50 meters away. This means that people who emit large amounts of carbon dioxide are also targets. Any type of dioxide is attractive to a mosquito, even if it is far away. The larger a person, the more carbon dioxide he/she releases. This explains why mosquitos are more likely to target an adult than a small child. Pregnant women are more likely to be bitten, as they produce large amounts of carbon dioxide.

You Like to Move
Mosquitos are also attracted to movement and heat. Just as they have a sense of smell, mosquitos can sense movement and are immediately drawn to it. When a person is exerted and pants, a mosquito can smell the omission of carbon dioxide, sense the movement, and is drawn closer. With movement, lactic acid is produced from the sweat glands. Lactic acid on the surface of the skin further perpetuates the attraction.

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