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Is Zika Back? How to Stay Safe This Summer

Is Zika Back? How to Stay Safe This Summer on

Keep yourself and your home safe with a comprehensive protection plan Remember the Zika virus? In the summer of 2016, it spread rapidly from East Africa to Southeast Asia, South and Central America, and eventually set up shop here in the U.S., which resulted in a record 5,168 cases of Zika-related illness that year, according […]

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A Potential Solution to Zika?

A Potential Solution to Zika? on

Using genetically modified mosquitos to fight the virus What happened to Zika? It seems that after November, Zika disappeared from the evening news – and for a very not-so-comforting reason. It was then the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus was no longer an international public health emergency. For researchers and advocates around the […]

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