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Gardening to Kill Mosquitos?

Gardening to Kill Mosquitos? on

New research targets mosquitos where they feed The relationship between people and mosquitos is not the healthiest. It is, in essence, a bit one-sided, with the bugs having a lot more love for us than we have for them. Since the dawn of time, humans have been swatting and slapping and spraying to keep them […]

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4 More Crazy Facts about Mosquitos

4 More Crazy Facts about Mosquitos on

Impress your friends with these bits of buggy trivia The mosquito may be the most misunderstood creature on the planet. Sure, nearly everyone is familiar with them and probably has a visceral reaction when they are mentioned. But aside from the fact that they’re annoying and they bite us (which they actually don’t, by the […]

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How Tasty Are You to Mosquitos?

How Tasty Are You to Mosquitos? on

Find out why mosquitos are choosy biters See if this sounds familiar: You and your friends are hanging out in your backyard having a good time, perhaps eating some burgers, maybe enjoying a cocktail, when all of a sudden you feel that familiar sting. You slap your arm, but it’s too late; you’ve been bitten […]

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Do We Really Need Mosquitos?

The answer may surprise you From a fairly early age, we are taught that everything in nature has a purpose. Altering or eliminating even a small thing, we are told, could end up having a severe impact somewhere else. But is this always the case? If you’ve ever been bitten by a mosquito, in the […]

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8 Facts about How Often Mosquitos Repopulate

Move Over Jurassic World – Mosquitos Are Reproducing As We Speak As summer approaches, we all look forward to taking advantage of the great outdoors. Whether it be a cocktail party on the patio with cool refreshments, or tending to a lovely flower or vegetable garden, this time of year offers fresh air, sunshine, and […]

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