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Mosquito Season and Climate Change

How rising temperatures are having an impact on the bugs we love to hate The world is getting warmer, and there’s indisputable evidence of this. If you take a look at this chart, you will see that the last three years were the hottest in recorded history. For South Florida – and Miami, specifically – […]

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Learn About the Feeding Habits of Mosquitos

Learn About the Feeding Habits of Mosquitos on

Why do mosquitos like me? And other essential facts We are all familiar with the itching sensation that comes from a mosquito bite, one of the effects of the insect feeding on your blood. However, did you know that only female mosquitos feed on blood? All mosquitos seek nectar and other plant juices to eat, […]

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Protecting Your Horse During Mosquito Season

Protecting Your Horse During Mosquito Season on

One element of having a happy, healthy horse With summer rapidly approaching, it’s no wonder many Floridians are starting to feel a little itchy. The rainy season brings talk of mosquitos and diseases and precautions to take – particularly after last year’s Zika scare. There is one segment of the population, though, which has known […]

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Five Recipes for Savory Sipping Summer Cocktails

Delicious refreshments that will be sure to keep you cool this summer. Summer’s here and it’s time to take to the patio, deck or backyard and enjoy the great outdoors. What better way to savor the warm summer weather than with some light, flavorful concoctions to keep you cool? As the temperatures rise, take to […]

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8 Facts about How Often Mosquitos Repopulate

Move Over Jurassic World – Mosquitos Are Reproducing As We Speak As summer approaches, we all look forward to taking advantage of the great outdoors. Whether it be a cocktail party on the patio with cool refreshments, or tending to a lovely flower or vegetable garden, this time of year offers fresh air, sunshine, and […]

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Question: When is Mosquito Season in Florida?

Answer: When “isn’t” Mosquito Season in Florida? To the rest of the country, living in Florida is equivalent to living in paradise. When other states are digging out from under a blanket of snow, Floridians are digging in the sand, digging in their gardens, or simply enjoying the warm, tropical temperatures. Yes, it’s true: living […]

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