Question: When is Mosquito Season in Florida?

Answer: When “isn’t” Mosquito Season in Florida?

To the rest of the country, living in Florida is equivalent to living in paradise. When other states are digging out from under a blanket of snow, Floridians are digging in the sand, digging in their gardens, or simply enjoying the warm, tropical temperatures. Yes, it’s true: living in Florida is just like living in paradise.


You see, thanks to our year-round warm temperatures and tropical, moist air, we are subject to what can be considered a year-round mosquito season, as well. Mosquitos thrive on hot weather and moisture, and we have plenty of both. So even in January, while blizzard winds sting other parts of the country, Floridians are subject to the wicked sting of mosquitos.

And, since our summer months tend to be hot and rainy, guess what? You got it. Mosquito activity is at its height – the more rain, the more mosquitos. Warm temperatures encourage mosquitos to cycle through their lives faster, while standing water encourages females to lay more eggs. Since summer rains tend to deliver plenty of water to Florida that means a lot of water is left standing and stagnant in a variety of settings. And these become prime egg-laying territory for female mosquitos.

So while the rest of the country takes advantage of warm summer months, breakfasts on the porch, backyard barbeques and evenings on the deck, Floridians are spraying their yards, applying repellent, lighting candles, and anything else they can do to get rid of mosquitos. Just like they were in January.

The good news is that there may be some months in Florida with less-than-usual mosquito populations buzzing around. Mosquitos don’t like weather below 50° F so when the temperatures drop, mosquito activity is likely to decline. Unfortunately, as the mercury rises above the 50° F mark, so too will the mosquito activity in your neighborhood.

Since we’re subject to these flying nuisances almost year round in Florida, we simply have to be smart about mosquito control. While quick fixes may work in the short term, they are not always the best option. By implementing a long-term mosquito control program, we can enjoy our life in paradise with lasting, effective protection against our pesky unwanted visitors.

Too bad we can’t protect the rest of the country from pesky unwanted blizzards.

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