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The most effective products are those using Natural Pyrethrum, an extract from certain species of the chrysanthemum plant. Pyrethrum affects the central nervous system of an insect to paralyze them before they are killed. This is referred to as a “knock down” effect. Pyrethrum is biodegradable and breaks down very quickly in the sunlight. The toxicity rating is the lowest possible by the EPA, making Pyrethrum dangerous for insects, but not for us! Insects have not developed any known resistance to Pyrethrum, so a program of regular spraying of small amounts will continue to be effective over the long term. Also available for use in automatic misting systems is Permethrin, a man-made version of natural Pyrethrum. Like Pyrethrum, Permethrin provides a broad spectrum of insect control, has low mammalian toxicity and is biodegradable. Permethrin, however, is more stable in sunlight and does not break down as rapidly as Pyrethrum. This quality offers a longer residual effect and provides greater repellency over a longer period of time.

The combination of Pyrethrum and Permethrin creates a superior product. The Pyrethrum results in a quick knockdown and kill of the insect; the Permethrin provides residual killing and repelling of the insect, a long-lasting characteristic that inhibits re-infestation.

Most insecticide concentrates also contain Piperonyl Butoxide, or PBO. PBO is a synergist that enhances the effectiveness of the products by altering the penetration of the insecticides and decreasing the time required to have an impact on the insect. Piperonyl Butoxide also aids in the battle against development of resistance of the insect to the insecticide. Special emulsifying ingredients used in the formulation of misting system concentrates used by the company help create a microemulsion that does not separate. As a result, the active ingredients remain in consistent concentration in the tank, without regular stirring or agitation.

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