Public Places Where Mosquitoes Are Often Found

Mosquitos are a nuisance, but at least their presence and activity is not entirely unpredictable. Mosquitos love standing water, high humidity conditions, and heavily populated places.

If you run an outdoor recreation facility with a community swimming pool, are the manager of a country club, or operate a resort that is dotted by swimming pools and ponds, then your business is at risk of becoming a mosquito-infected zone. To keep your customers happy and your skin bite-free—hire a mosquito control professional to scale back the mosquito population at your place of work.

Proudly serving Boca Raton, Coral Gables, and Weston, Platinum Mosquito Protection specializes in making homes and businesses inhospitable to mosquitos while keeping them attractive to humans. To arrange to have a member of our professional mosquito control team treat your property for mosquitoes, no-see-ums, spiders, and more, call us at (954) 888-9311.

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