Protect Your Dog Kennel from Pests and Disease with Platinum Mosquito Protection

Whether you own a boarding kennel or have a kennel for your own pack, you should keep the kennel grounds free of mosquito infestations. Mosquito bites can spread diseases to dogs, including heartworms. Continue reading to learn about Platinum Mosquito Protection’s mosquito control options which can end your kennel mosquito problem for good.

  • Simple Installation: Platinum Mosquito Protection can have your kennel equipped with effective mosquito defenses in a matter of hours. This speedy installation makes it much easier to schedule mosquito protection without cutting into your busy day. Plus, speedy installation makes it easy to respond to customer complaints about mosquitos right away.
  • Customer Incentives: Mosquito protection is a great strategy for increasing customer interest at your kennel. For example, mosquito control helps protect visiting pets and allows your business to advertise a mosquito-free environment. These features are sure to draw in customers who prioritize the safety of their animals.
  • Safe Formula: The professionals at Platinum Mosquito Protection use a nontoxic Pyrethrum solution as their main source of mosquito protection. Pyrethrum is a natural substance made from the chrysanthemum flower and is completely harmless to animals. These qualities make the substance perfect for kennel protection. Instill confidence in potential customers by showing off everything that makes your kennel a safe location for dogs.
  • Green Options: More customers are prioritizing green solutions for their daily needs. Thankfully, Platinum Mosquito Protection can help turn your kennel into a green animal service. We offer the plant-based Geraniol products as a mosquito repellent option for your kennel. Choose Platinum Mosquito Protection if 100% natural mosquito control is an absolute necessity for your home or business.

Cut down on bugs in your Weston or Pinecrest business today by calling Platinum Mosquito Protection. Our state-of-the-art bug control strategies are the perfect answer to your bug problem. We can be reached by phone at (954) 888-9311 for more information.

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