Planning a Super Bowl Party? Fire Up Your Grill and Host it Outside!

Planning a Super Bowl Party? Fire Up Your Grill and Host it Outside! on

What to consider when taking the biggest indoor football party outdoors

The Super Bowl is upon us, and let’s be real, NFL fans are hardcore, and this event is at the epicenter of the entire craze. If you have assumed the responsibility of hosting this year’s Super Bowl party, then we commend you. This is not a responsibility to be taken lightly, but with the right tools and proper planning, you could go down in the football hall of fame.

First and foremost, you need to establish your angle. This can’t be your run-of-the-mill gathering, with everyone vying for a spot on the couch to catch a glimpse of the game-winning touchdown. No, you need to be original, and what’s more out-of-the-box than firing up the grill and hosting the party outside? Nothing! It’s genius!

Although hosting a party outdoors can be tricky, proper preparation will be the key to making it seamless. The last thing you want to do is fumble on game night.

Here are a few things to consider when hosting an outdoor Super Bowl party:


When you host a Super Bowl party outdoors, it is important to make it as, or even more, festive than it would have been inside. The idea is to create an outdoor party room.

Buy tablecloths that represent your favorite team and use football-themed table décor on all food and serving tables. Scatter some inflatable footballs around and get some sizeable weighted helium balloons for dimension. You can even hang a banner or two. Either way, by making your outdoor space pop, it will create game-day excitement for your incoming guests.


The best approach when planning an alfresco party is to try and bring indoor conveniences outside. This can be easier said than done, especially since we tend to use indoor creature comforts almost instinctively.

Here are a few things to keep on the top of your mind:

Ice: Get some small to medium-sized coolers, fill them with ice, and place them in a few different areas. Keep some of these reserved for ice exclusively, and fill the other ones with various beverages so people don’t have to go inside every time they want a refill.

Trashcans: Sprinkle a few trashcans with heavy duty trash bags around the party site. This will make the discarding of waste a no-brainer for your guests, and clean up a breeze for you.

Bottle openers: Buy a few and keep them close to your drink coolers so guests don’t have to go searching for them, or worse, constantly ask you where they are.

Paper towels: Be prepared with more than you think you need. Enthusiastic football fans can get quite animated, and you should be ready for the messy aftermath.


The drink selection at a party can make all the difference, so you’ll want to get this right.

Make sure that you have an ample number of non-alcoholic beverages, like sodas and bottled water for the non-drinkers in your group. For the rest of your guests, stock up on beer. All kinds of beer. Put an assortment of bottles and cans in your strategically placed coolers and let your guests serve themselves.

You should also set up a separate table or cooler for beverages like wine, or ingredients for your special game-day signature cocktail.


This is your time to shine. As with any good Super Bowl party, make sure there is an array of finger foods for your guests to graze on while waiting for the main course.

Speaking of the main course, you should spend some time honing your grilling chops before the big day, because all good outdoor parties include food hot off the grill.

Whether it’s steaks, kabobs, or grilled mushrooms, your guests will love basking in the grill aroma while waiting for your charred concoction.

Serving stuff

Now that you’ve settled on beverages and you’ve crafted a menu fit for kings, you need to make sure that everyone has all of the facilities with which to enjoy the feast.

It is recommended that you use disposable plates, cups, and cutlery to help with cleanup after the big game. You can even use compostable options, which will make it easier on you and the environment. Double win! Also, always opt for sturdy disposables help avoid the dreaded plate taco.

You’ll also want to do some pre-planning to ensure that you have enough platters, trays, and bowls for all of the munchies that you’ll be putting out. Get creative and use football-themed serving ware to bump up the fun.


This is crucial, especially if you’re designing an outdoor viewing party. It is imperative that you have seating for all of your guests.

Do a solid headcount before the big day and then do an inventory of your seating options. You can rent chairs if you don’t have enough, or you can drop your guests a line and ask them to bring a folding chair or two with them. You can even throw down some comfy pillows and blankets for those who prefer to take in the game while sitting on the ground. Either way, this is not an area that should be overlooked.

Backup plan

Mother nature can be unpredictable, so you’ll want to have a solid backup plan in case she decides to rain on your parade. Keep extra food and beverages in your refrigerator, and make sure your house can withstand a large crowd if forced inside.

If the weather doesn’t decide to cooperate, having an extra TV on hand to use if your outdoor setup clunks out will save you in a pinch.


Mosquitos are the last thing you want to worry about on game-day, and those suckers are a surefire way to spoil what would have been the most epic party of the year.

Do what you can to control them, like installing a mosquito misting system ahead of time, which works automatically to prevent them from entering your yard.

Learn more about mosquito prevention and schedule a free onsite consultation. Your guests will thank you, and you’ll be the real Super Bowl winner.

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