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A mosquito control system is an automatic spray system that is installed outside for the control of mosquitos, no-see-ums and other small flying insects. The system will have an automatic timer, a pump, a motor and a pressure gauge all mounted on top of a 55-gallon drum that is used to hold a liquid insecticide solution.

Our technicians will connect flexible nylon tubing to the system and will run that tubing around the perimeter areas of the house and the yard. Special spray nozzles will be strategically placed at intervals around the areas to be protected, usually between 10 and 15 feet apart. Spray nozzles may be attached to structures, fences or large trees, or may be placed within the landscape on copper risers as needed. The automatic timer will be set to spray according to the needs of the property. The customer can modify the settings as required or can use a remote control option to release an extra spray as needed.

Generally, once the system is set you can just let it run – set it and forget it!

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