More than a Nuisance: How Mosquitos Cause and Spread Disease

When it comes to mosquitos, their primary threat is not their annoying habit of buzzing in your ear. The primary threat posed by mosquitos comes in the spreading of disease. As we mentioned in our last post, mosquitos spread a number of potentially deadly diseases, making mosquito control and mosquito misting systems all the more important.

  • Mosquitos and Disease
    Mosquitos have been known to spread disease for only about the last century. Diseases are most commonly spread when mosquitos feed on infected hosts, spreading that infection to future hosts. As mosquitos continue to feed, the disease continues to spread.
  • What Types of Diseases Do Mosquitos Carry?
    Amongst the many diseases that mosquitos can carry and transmit to humans, the most prominent include West Nile Virus, encephalitis, malaria, and yellow fever. These diseases are all extremely dangerous, representing significant public health hazards and underlining the need for effective mosquito control measures.
  • Prevention
    Mosquito control is the best way to keep these diseases at bay. Mosquito sprays are effective for keeping mosquitos away from your person, but mosquito misting systems are best for deterring mosquito activity outside the home. Mosquito control is important, and mosquito misting systems are incredibly effective at keeping your family safe.

Mosquito control is vital to limiting the spread of many diseases, and a professional mosquito control provider can help. For more information about our mosquito control services, give us a call at (954) 888-9311. Platinum Mosquito Protection is a mosquito control company servicing the Boca Raton, Coral Gables, and greater South Florida communities. We specialize in mosquito misting systems for your home, which are an effective way to keep your summertime fun mosquito-free this year. Contact us today to find out how our services can help keep your family safe and healthy.

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