How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

If you live in Palm Beach County and you’re not already doing something to control mosquitoes on your property, then you are probably not enjoying the time you spend outside as much as you could be. Mosquito control is best carried out using an integrated approach to pest management, which combines the efforts of the homeowner and pest control professional and focuses on the following:

Removal of Standing Water

Female mosquitoes flock to standing water for an easy and reliable place to lay their eggs. Without standing water on your property, you may attract a handful of mosquitos in search of a meal. With standing water on your property, you may be offering up an ideal breeding ground to mosquitoes and setting your home up to host an infestation.

Removal of Debris

Piles of twigs and leaves can also create environments that are suitable to mosquito breeding, and can easily be cleaned up. Get outside with your garden tools once in the spring and once in the summer, and clean up and dispose of any yard debris you find.

Vegetation Optimization

After standing water and yard debris, tall plants and plants that produce a lot of nectar are the biggest draws for mosquitoes. Keep the presence of these plants to a minimum. In their stead, plant citronella, basil, peppermint, catnip, lavender, and other plants that act as natural mosquito repellent.

Integration of Professional Pest Control Program

Taking steps to remove debris, standing water, and mosquito-friendly plants from your property will help keep your home from becoming infested with mosquitoes. Coupling these efforts with the professional installation of a mosquito misting system should keep virtually all mosquitoes away from your yard and out of your home.

Are you a Miami resident looking for a professional to install and maintain an automatic mosquito misting system in your backyard? If so, Platinum Mosquito Protection offers management of the spray system solution your South Florida home needs. To learn more about our high-quality home mosquito control services, call (954) 888-9311.

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