How Many Mosquitoes Are There In the World?

Despite their small size and fragile bodies, mosquitoes have managed to survive on Earth for more than 30 million years. During that time, they have evolved into highly effective blood-seeking critters, capable of sensing the carbon dioxide emitted by an animal or person up to 100 feet away. There are an incredible number of different species of mosquitoes around the world.

Types of Mosquitoes

Globally, there are approximately 3,000 different species of mosquitoes. In North America, you could be bitten by up to 150 different species of these pesky critters. Of all the mosquito species that exist worldwide, there are 28 different genera. These are often categorized according to which particular breeding habitat the mosquito genera prefer. In the U.S., there are 13 different genera; however, most of the mosquitoes found in America belong to one of three genera. These are the Aedes, the Anopheles, and the Culex. The Aedes have particularly painful bites and they can travel up to 75 miles away from the breeding habitat. The Anopheles mosquitoes tend to prefer fresh water breeding sites. They are known to spread malaria. The Culex mosquitoes breed in standing water. These can be quite persistent in their biting habits, and their bites tend to be rather painful.

Life Cycle of Mosquitoes

The female mosquito lays eggs in water. After mosquitoes hatch from eggs, they go through a few different life cycles before they turn into adults. During the larva and pupa stages, the insects stay in the water. Depending on the specific species, these insects can live for up to two weeks. Most often, they die when they are eaten by spiders or birds.

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