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Home Misting Systems

Outdoor entertaining, barbeques, swim parties, and playing in the yard—being outdoors is what Florida life is all about. But there’s one menace that prevents us from enjoying our backyards and drives us all back indoors—those pesky biting, buzzing insects!

Platinum Mosquito Protection provides a virtually invisible, professionally installed misting system that releases timed mists of natural pyrethrum to repel and kill annoying insects. Our systems can be installed to reach just about any area of your property that you desire: patios, balconies, tennis courts, gazebos, tiki huts, sport courts, front entries, garages, walkways, courtyards, and more.

Each system is custom-designed to meet your specifications and lifestyle. And while many of our customers invite us to their existing homes, we also work with custom home builders during the construction process to customize the installation so the system becomes a permanent part of your future home.

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