Get the Facts Behind Pyrethrum as an Insect Repellant

The revolutionary mosquito misting system offered by Platinum Mosquito Protection uses pyrethrum insect repellent to naturally eliminate the insect populations around Florida homes and businesses. This system is professionally installed on the property and set to automatically release the virtually invisible pyrethrum mist. Not only does the pyrethrum solution kill the existing insect population, but it also prevents a re-infestation.

Pyrethrum is derived from plants

Pyrethrum is extracted from tiny structures called achenes, located in the flower head of plants in the Chrysanthemum genus. There are six structurally similar chemical compounds called pyrethrins that make up the active ingredient of pyrethrum. A synthetic variation of a pyrethrin is called a pyrethroid. Pyrethroids can also kill biting insects, but they aren’t produced naturally in Chrysanthemum plants.

Pyrethrum kills biting insects

Unlike many insect repellents available today, pyrethrum actually kills the insects, gnats, and spiders that come into contact with it. The pyrethrins that make up pyrethrum are able to breach the cuticle layer surrounding the insect’s nervous system and bind to sodium channels in the insect’s nerve cells. This binding prevents the nerve cells from sending important signals throughout the insect’s body. The cells will slowly lose all functioning ability until the nervous system completely shuts down. Once the insect’s nervous system shuts down, the insect will quickly die.  

Pyrethrum has a good toxicity profile

For more than 160 years, pyrethrum has been used to control the dangerous insect populations of mosquitos, flies, and fleas. It has also been shown to be the most effective way to protect various agricultural crops and cities’ water supplies. Even though it is toxic to biting insects, pyrethrum is not toxic to mammals in normal amounts.

Platinum Mosquito Protection can help you rid your Florida home or business of its pesky mosquito population. Our virtually invisible mosquito misting system can be installed in almost any area to protect your property. To schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable technicians, call us at (954) 888-9311.

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