Disease-Carrying Mosquitos on the Rise

Many people in the Miami and Boca Raton areas don’t need any more reasons to hate mosquitos.  They bite, are annoying, and make any outdoor event a nightmare.  According to what experts are saying, however, there may be a more dangerous reason to hate those pesky mosquitos.

According to this article from USA Today, mosquitos are becoming bigger threats to our health and well-being.  They are increasingly raising the prospect that some dangerous diseases, including things such as dengue fever and the West Nile Virus, will spread into the United States.  Experts say that the reason why these diseases may spread is because of the Asian Tiger and African bush mosquitos, insects that can transmit at least 22 different viruses that affect a human, are finding their way into the United States.

According to expert Laura Harrington, an entomologist at Cornell University, the parts of the country that are most at-risk from these mosquitos are the Mid-Atlantic and the South.  This is because of the higher heat and humidity, as both are needed for mosquitos to thrive.  Our Florida climate seems to be the perfect combination for mosquitos.

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