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We were so AMAZED at how well it worked, we bought the company!

We have always loved spending time in our own backyard, but mosquitos and other biting insects were driving us back indoors. We experimented with almost every known insect control method available, including magnets, torches, candles and sprays. Then we discovered automatic misting systems with natural Pyrethrum being used in nearby equine facilities.

We had a misting system installed at our home in the spring of 2002, just in time for our Mother’s Day barbeque. The system was virtually invisible and blended right into our home and our landscaping. Most importantly, it quickly and effortlessly rid our yard of biting bugs.

We founded Platinum Mosquito Protection to bring this fantastic product to families and businesses that share our desire to make the outdoors more safe and comfortable. We were the first to bring these systems to South Florida and have maintained our sole focus on mosquito misting systems ever since. Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff and technicians have the experience needed to help you discover your life without mosquitos®.

Suzanne Bell
President/ Founder

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