Common Mosquito-Avoidance Tactics that Seldom Work

Are you sick of mosquitos making a meal out of you and your family? If so, you may be looking for effective mosquito control methods. You may be tempted to rely on simple repellant methods, but these tactics often prove ineffective at preventing mosquito bites. In areas with documented cases of West Nile virus, such as Florida, it’s vital to know about and use proven mosquito control techniques to protect your family. The following methods are some of the most popular, but ineffective mosquito-avoidance techniques.

Drinking Alcohol
As most people are aware, a mosquito bite occurs when a female mosquito pierces the skin’s surface to gain access to blood. Some individuals believe that the best way to prevent mosquito bites is to make their blood less attractive to mosquitos. Over the years, the idea that alcohol could repel mosquitos has led some individuals to drink beer, wine, and spirits in an attempt to prevent mosquito bites. However, imbibing alcohol can actually increase a person’s chances of getting bitten by a mosquito, as alcohol consumption stimulates perspiration, which attracts mosquitos.

Eating Garlic
Ingesting foods with high garlic content to prevent mosquito bites is another mosquito control myth. Though garlic juice that has been applied directly to the skin may act as a temporary repellent, this is neither a convenient nor attractive solution for effective mosquito control.

Wearing Long-Sleeved Clothing
Trying to cover up with protective clothing to avoid mosquito bites is a dubious mosquito control method, at best. Mosquitos are attracted to certain individuals because of chemical scents they release. If you smell good to a mosquito, the insect will simply find an area to bite where you’re not wearing protective clothing. After all, biting a neck or a hand works just as well for a hungry mosquito as biting an arm or a thigh.

Don’t let mosquito control myths leave you in danger of mosquito bites. Platinum Mosquito Protection uses mosquito misting systems to both deter and kill mosquito populations. You can call our Weston location at (954) 888-9311 for more information.

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