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life without mosquitos®

About Platinum Mosquito Protection

We have always loved spending time in our own backyard, but mosquitos and other biting insects were driving us back indoors. We experimented with every known method of insect control out there—magnets, torches, candles, sprays, you name it. Then we discovered automatic misting systems with natural pyrethrum being used in nearby equine facilities and had […]

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Why mist?

Mosquitos are more than a nuisance; they are a danger to your health. The Platinum Mosquito Protection system lets you reclaim your backyard® from the buzz and bite of annoying insects. Our system blends inconspicuously into your outdoor space, and it’s completely automatic, so it’s always working for you.

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8 Facts about How Often Mosquitos Repopulate

Move Over Jurassic World – Mosquitos Are Reproducing As We Speak As summer approaches, we all look forward to taking advantage of the great outdoors. Whether it be a cocktail party on the patio with cool refreshments, or tending to a lovely flower or vegetable garden, this time of year offers fresh air, sunshine, and […]

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Question: When is Mosquito Season in Florida?

Answer: When “isn’t” Mosquito Season in Florida? To the rest of the country, living in Florida is equivalent to living in paradise. When other states are digging out from under a blanket of snow, Floridians are digging in the sand, digging in their gardens, or simply enjoying the warm, tropical temperatures. Yes, it’s true: living […]

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