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Protecting Your Horse During Mosquito Season

Protecting Your Horse During Mosquito Season on

One element of having a happy, healthy horse With summer rapidly approaching, it’s no wonder many Floridians are starting to feel a little itchy. The rainy season brings talk of mosquitos and diseases and precautions to take – particularly after last year’s Zika scare. There is one segment of the population, though, which has known […]

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Can You Eat to Stay Itch-Free from Mosquitos?

Can You Eat to Stay Itch-Free from Mosquitos? on

Not exactly. But there are some foods for thought to keep the bugs away Americans have a food obsession. There are wars between baked goods, cooking celebrities competing against celebrity cooks, and Facebook newsfeeds filled with shared recipes and shared photos of meals. We are what we eat, see, and click. While many will soon […]

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It’s Getting Hot Out There in the South Florida Garden

It’s Getting Hot Out There in the South Florida Garden on

What you should be doing to keep your garden green There’s a meme floating around the Internet. It shows the state of Florida sitting closer to the sun than the rest of the planet. Such is summer in the Sunshine State. Despite the white-hot heat and thick humidity that are just around the corner, summer […]

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What’s that sound? Identifying Birds in South Florida

There are so many great things about South Florida. The weather’s fantastic, the beaches are some of the best in the world, and the local cuisine is unbelievable. And the area is especially good for animal lovers. Whether it’s iguanas, panthers, or manatees, we have quite an assortment of interesting critters.South Florida is also home […]

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Could Gene Editing Rid the World of Harmful Mosquitos?

Mosquitos certainly have a bad rap, and in most cases it is well deserved. After all, they are the deadliest animal – not just insect – in the world, and were responsible for taking about half-a-million lives just in 2015.But the bigger picture is more complicated: The mosquitos killing people are only a very small […]

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Fun DIY Backyard Games for Your Halloween Party

Time for unforgettable Halloween fun! If you haven’t started planning your Halloween party yet, then it’s time to get really serious, because the clock is winding down. Still trying to think of a few fun ideas for a spooky bash? We’ve got a few cute, creepy, and cool backyard games you can make to celebrate. […]

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