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The Future of Mosquito Repellents

There’s a chance it will taste – or smell – like chicken on

There’s a chance it will taste – or smell – like chicken When it comes to combatting mosquitos, researchers are in a constant battle to outsmart one of the world’s smallest and deadliest predators. Pushing science forward is the fear that mosquitos are developing a resistance to current repellent practices and climate change is increasing […]

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What’s the Mosquito Buzz?

What’s the Mosquito Buzz? on

There’s a romantic purpose for that annoying buzzzzzzz We’ve all had that horror movie moment. We’re in bed, on the verge of sleep, and somewhere in the dark, a menacing high-pitched whine dives closer to our ears. We jump from the bed, arms flailing, with the realization that a mosquito is not only in the […]

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Attracting Wildlife to Your Yard

Attracting Wildlife to Your Yard on

With a special invitation to the visitors that eat mosquitos When it comes to helping the environment, more and more homeowners are curious about what they can do in their corner of the world to make a difference. One answer is quite simple: plant something. By incorporating particular plants and features into their landscapes, home […]

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How The Mosquito Quenches Its Thirst

How The Mosquito Quenches Its Thirst on

What we call a bite is more like a stab and a sip It’s difficult to read about a mosquito bite and not think of the creature in the sci-fi film Alien. Imagine, a thing so diabolical that it has a mouth mechanism made up of six parts, feeds on blood, is able to inject […]

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The Mosquito That Ate Florida

The Mosquito That Ate Florida on

It’s big and aggressive, and it’s here South Floridians have certainly had their fair share of mosquito news in recent years. With headlines screaming Zika and spray zones, many locals could probably teach an in-service on Aedes aegypti, the tiny pest identified as the primary vector for carrying and spreading Zika. There’s a very good […]

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Inside A Mosquito Lab

Inside A Mosquito Lab on

The Chinese are working to put an end to Zika When Zika was first discovered in 1947, scientists were concerned and worked to find a means of preventing its spread. But while there was concern, the bells and whistles were barely audible. It wasn’t until Zika was determined to be a cause of microcephaly and […]

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What’s In A Bite?

What’s In A Bite? on

What you should know about mosquito-borne viruses When a female mosquito selects you for her meal, she’s doing so in order to produce eggs. It’s a simple enough reason for a complicated process that can sometimes result in serious consequences for her human buffet. After landing on you, the mosquito’s labrum – or snout – […]

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Two New Mosquito Species Identified in South Florida

Two New Mosquito Species Identified in South Florida on

The invasion has begun If there’s one thing all Floridians might have in common, it’s their disdain for mosquitos. While the cooler and drier winter weather gave locals a bit of a reprieve, Zika headlines are waiting for the heat and humidity to return. That’s why University of Florida researchers are concerned. In January, they […]

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