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Your Platinum Mosquito Protection FAQ’s, Answered

Platinum Mosquito Protection sells, installs, and services outdoor automatic misting systems. These protect families in South Florida against mosquitos and other biting insects. Our technicians can create an outdoor environment for your home or business that is mosquito-free. The misting system is virtually invisible and can be professionally installed in almost any area of your […]

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A Brief Look at the Founding of Platinum Mosquito Protection

We at Platinum Mosquito Protection have always loved spending time outdoors, much like many families in South Florida. However, mosquitos and other biting insects always made us uncomfortable and drove us indoors. We searched for a solution to this problem by using magnets, torches, sprays, and candles. We couldn’t find anything that fit our needs. […]

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Understanding Why You May Be a Mosquito Magnet

If you’ve been outdoors and noticed mosquitos targeting you instead of those around you, it might be because you are a mosquito magnet. It’s true – mosquitos prefer to bite some people over others. Female mosquitos need human blood to develop fertile eggs, and experts have found that they have preferences when it comes to […]

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How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

If you live in Palm Beach County and you’re not already doing something to control mosquitoes on your property, then you are probably not enjoying the time you spend outside as much as you could be. Mosquito control is best carried out using an integrated approach to pest management, which combines the efforts of the […]

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What is the American Giant Mosquito?

In comparison to other members of the animal world, the American Giant Mosquito may not be that big. However, at 4-5 times the size of the average mosquito, the American Giant Mosquito has the propensity to alarm when landing on its prey. The good news is at the American Giant Mosquito is not known to […]

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Public Places Where Mosquitoes Are Often Found

Mosquitos are a nuisance, but at least their presence and activity is not entirely unpredictable. Mosquitos love standing water, high humidity conditions, and heavily populated places. If you run an outdoor recreation facility with a community swimming pool, are the manager of a country club, or operate a resort that is dotted by swimming pools […]

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How Do Mosquitoes Bite?

When mosquitoes bite, we often only see the aftermath: a swollen red bump that leaves us itchy and annoyed. In this video, learn how a mosquito bites by watching what happens when it encounters human flesh. As the mosquito slowly draws blood from its human prey, its body gradually fills with blood over the course […]

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Why Mosquitoes Can Be Harmful to Your Cat

You probably already know that mosquitoes can transmit diseases to humans, but did you know that mosquitoes can also be harmful to your cat? Below, learn how mosquitoes can hurt your furry feline and what to do to protect your cat. Mosquito Bite Hypersensitivity Mosquito bite hypersensitivity occurs when a cat’s immune system experiences a […]

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A Guide to Our Residential Mosquito Protection Systems

At Platinum Mosquito Protection, we pride ourselves on offering clients safe, effective systems that eliminate or repel mosquitoes and other small insects. Our automatic spray systems use insecticides that contain Pyrethrum, a natural ingredient derived from the chrysanthemum flower, and Permethrin, a synthetic form of Pyrethrum. Mosquitoes and other small insects are killed once they […]

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A Guide to Some of the Diseases Mosquitoes Carry

Mosquitoes are not only irritating and itch-inducing; they also carry diseases that have the potential to make both humans and animals ill. Protect yourself and others from mosquito-borne illnesses by learning more about the diseases mosquitoes carry. West Nile Virus West Nile Virus is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes that causes encephalitis, or brain inflammation. […]

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