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The New Mosquito Coast?

The New Mosquito Coast? on

We get a lot of tourists in Florida, but some just aren’t very welcome People who live in Florida know how great it is. The weather, the cost of living, the food; the list goes on and on. And residents aren’t the only ones who love Florida. The Sunshine State is always high on the […]

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Bug Hunt – Learn Where Mosquitos Lurk

Bug Hunt – Learn Where Mosquitos Lurk on

It’s great if it’s cool and shady. Add at least an inch of water and it’s perfect. Mosquitos—though only the females—want your blood so they can use it for their offspring. Other than that, they tend to be a whole lot like you and me. Get me out of the harsh sun and brisk wind, […]

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A Mosquito Prevention Guide for Parents

A Mosquito Prevention Guide for Parents on

Helpful tips if you’re pregnant or just want to keep your family protected Death, taxes, and mosquitos. Why is it that the things you can count on most are mostly bad things? There is some positive news, however. While the first two on that list you probably won’t be able to do anything about, mosquitos […]

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The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On: on

How rising temperatures and climate change can enable mosquitos While scientists and non-scientists debate the specifics of climate change, one thing is for certain. There is not a single coffee shop, supermarket line, backyard gathering, or bus stop where people aren’t talking about the weather. In South Florida, the comments are often about the heat […]

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Where In The World Is Zika?

Where In The World Is Zika? on

It’s here and there and everywhereIt’s here and there and everywhere Once upon a time, there was a very bad virus called Zika that was transmitted by mosquitos. That’s a headline we’d all like to read. Judging from news on the Zika front, it could almost be written. Almost. Zika is here Although the CDC […]

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The Facts and Fiction Surrounding Mosquitos

The Facts and Fiction Surrounding Mosquitos on

Knowledge is your first layer of protection It can be a chore at times to keep mosquitos at bay. Luckily, dispelling the myths that surround them is much easier. If you’re in parts of the country dealing with the aftermath of the recent hurricanes, then you’re likely to be aware of the measures being taken […]

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Platinum Mosquito Protection Has Moved!

We are proud to announce that Platinum Mosquito Protection has moved in order to better serve our growing customer base!  Our new location is 10424 West SR84, Unit 6, Davie FL 33324.  Our location is the only thing that changed, so don’t worry about needing to find a new number or e-mail address.  We’re very […]

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Biting Back: How Humans Can Turn the Tables on Mosquitos

Biting Back: How Humans Can Turn the Tables on Mosquitos on

Could a bacterium be the answer to these disease-carrying pests? For most of the U.S., mosquito season is over or it will be soon. Unfortunately, there’s sort of no such thing as mosquito season in Florida, as our year-round warm weather provides an ideal climate for these insects. This is why even in the heart […]

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5 Grilling Tips and Tricks to Try this Fall

5 Grilling Tips and Tricks to Try this Fall on

Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean your grilling has to be Hopefully over the last few months you were able to enjoy the summer. Perhaps you took a family vacation, spent a lot of time lounging in or around the pool, or – and maybe best of all – did so much grilling it felt […]

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