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14 May 2015

To Learn More About Mosquitos and What Attracts Them to You, Check Out These Resources

Every Florida resident understands the nuisance mosquitos can be. At Platinum Mosquito Protection, our only purpose is to eliminate the mosquitos around your home once and for all. Our automatic mosquito misting systems offer the best control over these biting... Read More

14 May 2015

5 Diseases Carried by Mosquitoes Around the World

The mosquito population has become a major world health concern because these small parasites can carry and transmit a range of diseases to their human victims. Every year, mosquitos grow and quickly multiply in stagnant water, which is a common... Read More

14 May 2015

Understanding the Lifecycle of a Mosquito

If you leave standing water around your home, your property may turn into a breeding ground for mosquitos. Standing water is crucial for mosquitos to complete each stage in their developmental lifecycle. Even if mosquito eggs are laid in cold... Read More

14 May 2015

Tips for Reducing Your Property’s Susceptibility to Mosquitos

Protecting yourself from mosquitos doesn’t mean that you have to spend your days hiding inside. If you take steps to eliminate the mosquito population around your property, you and your family will be able to enjoy going outside without the... Read More

14 May 2015

Discover More Mosquito and Mosquito Prevention Facts by Exploring the Resources Below

Mosquitos are more than irritating pests that cause your skin to itch when they bite you. They are also carriers of a number of dangerous diseases that require serious medical attention. Learn how to protect your home and family from... Read More

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