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How Tasty Are You to Mosquitos?

How Tasty Are You to Mosquitos? on

Find out why mosquitos are choosy biters See if this sounds familiar: You and your friends are hanging out in your backyard having a good time, perhaps eating some burgers, maybe enjoying a cocktail, when all of a sudden you feel that familiar sting. You slap your arm, but it’s too late; you’ve been bitten […]

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A Potential Solution to Zika?

A Potential Solution to Zika? on

Using genetically modified mosquitos to fight the virus What happened to Zika? It seems that after November, Zika disappeared from the evening news – and for a very not-so-comforting reason. It was then the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus was no longer an international public health emergency. For researchers and advocates around the […]

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