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Do We Really Need Mosquitos?

The answer may surprise you From a fairly early age, we are taught that everything in nature has a purpose. Altering or eliminating even a small thing, we are told, could end up having a severe impact somewhere else. But is this always the case? If you’ve ever been bitten by a mosquito, in the […]

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A Guide to Winter in The South Florida Garden

What you should be planting and when The holidays are over and the planet is beyond its celestial point of winter solstice. In other words, it’s time for South Florida homeowners to get outside and get into their gardens. No matter if your garden is 300-foot border, a patch of earth in the corner of […]

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A Zika Virus Timeline: It’s Older Than You Think

history of the Zika virus

Learn about the history of the Zika virus Quick: How old do you think Zika is? If you said only a few years, you’re way off. Like most people, you probably only recently heard about the virus, so you may be surprised to know that it dates back almost 70 years. Here’s a brief timeline […]

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Citronella Plant as Mosquito Repellant: Fact or Fiction?

Both. This storied plant has mixed results when it comes to repelling mosquitos “What’s in a name?” When William Shakespeare wrote that line in Romeo and Juliet, he was getting ready to talk about roses. And with Pelargonium citrosum ‘Van Leenii,’ otherwise known as Citronella, it’s what’s in the name that keeps consumers coming back […]

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