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New Mosquito-borne Virus Could Cause Brain Swelling

Researchers have identified another mosquito-borne illness that causes fever and pain as well as brain inflammation and in some cases, death Mosquitos. Most people dislike them, but what many people don’t realize is that mosquitos carry hidden dangers. You’ve probably heard all about West Nile Virus, and whether you consider it a threat or not, […]

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Veg Head: 5 High Yield Gardening Secrets

The size of your garden shouldn’t affect the quantity of your veggies Picture this: you’ve harvested plump, organically grown vegetables. This includes 20 pounds of carrots from just 24 square feet and 100 pounds of lettuce with 100 square feet. No, it’s not a dream. Yields like these are more possible than you can imagine. […]

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3 Ways a Backyard Can Save You Money

Your backyard can serve as a lot of things, including a money saver Your backyard is what you make of it. It can be for entertaining, serve as an eating spot or even where you get your work done. But did you know that it can also save you money? 1. Food expenses The National […]

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Backyard Romance: How to Plan a Picnic for Two

The only thing better than a romantic dinner in, is a romantic dinner out! Who says you need to go to a famous or well-known park or beach to enjoy a romantic picnic for two? There’s nothing more intimate than your own backyard. So the next time you and your beau want to take date […]

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