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The Winter BBQ in Florida: 4 New Meals to Try

Because some states still see “summer” all year. And Florida is one of them. One of the best parts about living in South Florida is that the outdoor fun never stops. While the rest of the country is freezing, up to their ankles in icy snow, we’re still hitting the beach in our bathing suits. […]

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4 South Florida Pests that Can Spoil Your Garden

Get your garden in shape by dealing with these hungry interlopers While folks up north are bracing for chilly winds and icy temperatures, the growing season is just beginning in South Florida. For gardeners, that means prepping soil in pots and raised beds and swarming into garden centers to purchase annuals, seeds, vegetables, and herbs. […]

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6 Tips for Stargazing in Your Own Backyard

Get the whole family outside to see a show unlike any other If you’re like most people, your home is filled with an assortment of tech items. Surely you have a TV, computer, and various other devices. If you have kids, most likely there’s at least one video game system. An average evening in your […]

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About Platinum Mosquito Protection

We have always loved spending time in our own backyard, but mosquitos and other biting insects were driving us back indoors. We experimented with every known method of insect control out there—magnets, torches, candles, sprays, you name it. Then we discovered automatic misting systems with natural pyrethrum being used in nearby equine facilities and had […]

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Why mist?

Mosquitos are more than a nuisance; they are a danger to your health. The Platinum Mosquito Protection system lets you reclaim your backyard® from the buzz and bite of annoying insects. Our system blends inconspicuously into your outdoor space, and it’s completely automatic, so it’s always working for you.

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Backyard Bug Biology for Kids: The Avoidables

3 no-no backyard bugs you need to know-know As parents, we all want to provide our kids with a great yard, a safe space for them to play and explore. We want them to learn, to absorb the outdoors, and to not be afraid of all of the creepy crawly things they might find. Of […]

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