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5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard Into a Doggie Paradise

Easy and aesthetically pleasing ideas you and your pet will love! Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as adorable as watching your four-legged pal frolic around the backyard, chasing butterflies, rolling in the grass and lounging in the sunshine. So for many, creating a backyard space that’s not just aesthetically appealing and comfortable for humans, […]

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Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Private Oasis

3 ways to transform your backyard into a personal retreat If you live in a home and are fortunate enough not to be restricted to a few square feet of balcony space, then you have a wonderful opportunity to turn your backyard into your own private oasis. A luscious outdoor space can be truly life […]

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A Monthly Checklist for Keeping Your Backyard in Order

Just because your backyard is “the outdoors” doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little TLC If you’re like most people, your backyard doesn’t get as much attention as it should. But a Reader’s Digest poll found that over 30% of people would rather upgrade their outdoor space than take a week-long vacation. But how can […]

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