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3 Workouts You Can Do Right in Your Backyard

Your backyard is the perfect backdrop for any kind of exercise routine Whoever said you need a gym in order to complete a sufficient workout didn’t know how to workout. Your backyard, a mat and some free weights are all you really need to reach your fitness goals. Try these 3 belly-blasting workouts you can […]

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5 Backyard Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Let your backyard serve as the playroom of your home No matter the size or shape of your backyard, there are always activities you can enjoy with your family and friends. When you think of backyard games, you might imagine a family football game, but that’s not the only way to get everyone up and […]

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Decorating Your Florida Backyard for an Outdoor Holiday Celebration

Floridians have limited holiday decoration options without a winter backdrop, but that doesn’t mean a festive holiday celebration it isn’t possible Don’t let Florida’s eternal summer turn you into a scrooge! There are ways to celebrate the holidays even when your backyard looks nothing like the North Pole. Consider the following options for decorating your […]

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Top Things to Consider for Your Backyard Wedding

What to do before saying “I do”! You’re in love! And now that you’ve decided to tie the knot, there’s so much to consider—including where you’ll host your nuptials. If you’re like many people these days, a backyard wedding is appealing for many reasons. While cost, privacy and convenience top the list, perhaps the most […]

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Hardscaping: How to Transform the Wild Beauty of Your Backyard

When things feel just a little too overgrown and unnatural, hardscaping introduces a whole new way to design your backyard. We are all familiar with landscaping, but have you ever looked to hardscaping when considering options for beautifying your backyard? Hardscaping can best be described as the materials used within and around the landscaping of […]

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Inspiration for a DIY Backyard Fire Pit

The fire pit you’ve always wanted is within your reach Fire pits are one of the most popular landscaping features for a backyard. Not only are they attractive, they also provide a comfortable gathering place for family and friends. You can sit together, enjoy a cocktail during a beautiful fall night and even roast marshmallows. […]

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8 Backyard Design Ideas Ranked By HGTV

You don’t need an interior decorator to make the back of your house feel like part of your home Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean your backyard use has expired. HGTV has ranked their favorite backyard décor that makes the great outdoors even more enjoyable. The rankings took into consideration the findings from […]

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5 Ways to Turn Your Backyard Into a Doggie Paradise

Easy and aesthetically pleasing ideas you and your pet will love! Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as adorable as watching your four-legged pal frolic around the backyard, chasing butterflies, rolling in the grass and lounging in the sunshine. So for many, creating a backyard space that’s not just aesthetically appealing and comfortable for humans, […]

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Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Private Oasis

3 ways to transform your backyard into a personal retreat If you live in a home and are fortunate enough not to be restricted to a few square feet of balcony space, then you have a wonderful opportunity to turn your backyard into your own private oasis. A luscious outdoor space can be truly life […]

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